Dashielle Vawter

Just a year into my nonprofit career a series of epiphanies followed by an intense heart opening and spiritual awakening led me to a realization and a choice. The realization was that I had been living for others, trying to be who I thought I should be, and not knowing who I was or what was important to me. The choice was whether to continue on the preferred socio-cultural path, or to commit immediately and completely to the exhilarating and terrifying process of letting go of what other people thought and creating a life that was true for me. I had broken through and touched something real—color was more vivid, for the first time in my adult life I could feel my heart's clarity, and I felt truly, truly awake. Following this feeling of freedom didn't feel like a choice at the time, but it was a choice—and often fear prevents people from taking that leap. Yet it was when I made that commitment to myself that I feel my life truly began. Illumin is the result of the past 10 years of practice, experimentation, study, failure, exploration, training and work. It is also the result of finding myself naturally drawn to the side of those who (like me almost 10 years ago) are ready to make a leap, maybe not even knowing to what yet. Committing to yourself is a sacred choice and my work is to support you in saying yes to the freedom, wholeness and authenticity of your own path.

Our Life Together...

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