December 23, 2015

City Jobs for the Homeless

Dashielle Vawter



I have a very tender place in my heart for homeless people, particularly those who ended up there after falling on hard times or because of mental illness, rather than by choice. We live in a society that let’s people fall through the cracks. And when people do, it is incredibly difficult to get back up again. This video is about a city program that is trying to make an impact in a few different ways at once: providing some paid work for homeless people who can work, providing them with services, and cleaning up the streets a bit. It’s a win-win for those who are able to participate and for the city. I’d love to see more programs that aim at providing gainful employment for those who’d like to work, and that also do something to improve their lives long-term (with services) and make cities cleaner, healthier places.

Ultimately this won’t solve the root causes of homelessness- and it may not even pay them enough that they could choose to get off the streets if they wanted to-but it’s important to begin to support programs like these so that they can grow and improve. Enjoy!


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