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It’s hard to see ourselves clearly. The lens we see through filters out certain possibilities before we’re even aware of it. While infinite possibility awaits, old habits and traditional ways of perceiving limit our ability to grow and create something different.

Coaching is growing rapidly as a profession because it is more effective (and enjoyable) to work with someone who is personally dedicated to supporting our growth than it is to try and change on our own. As a coach my job is to get to know you deeply, love you unconditionally, help you envision new possibilities, and support and motivate you to effectively create the life you want to live.


Officiating weddings is one of the sweetest experiences I have had the honor or participating in. My process involves an interview with the couple where we have an opportunity to talk about vision, relationship, love, and what you’re creating in your lives together. From that I craft a ceremony that is unique to the couple. It is a real joy to be able to provide ceremonies that people feel truly and deeply connected to, ceremonies that couples feel reflect them perfectly. I believe we have a right to ceremony that is both beautiful and true to who we are.



Workshops are fun! Even Rumi said the path is better with friends. Getting together with a small group of people to learn and share on topics that we all care about is a powerful way to learn. As a facilitator, guide and coach I LOVE hosting these circles. Every one is different, the information and wisdom that participants bring is always unique, and everyone leaves feeling heartened, joyful and more empowered than when they came in.

I created this series of workshops around the most common themes in personal growth work. I currently offer these workshops for free, and by donation. My goal is to get the information out into the world, to support people’s growth, and to continue to develop these workshops by offering them. Reach out if you think you’re interested in learning more, or if you’d like to host one!


Gratitude and awe at the sight of a magnificent sunrise, peace when skin touches earth, and the delicate ecstasy of sleeping under the stars and waking to birds singing love songs to the morning. Or even just a quiet coffee or tea at first light before anyone else is awake. Experiences in nature put the sparkle back in the simplest pleasures of life. More than that, wilderness touches and electrifies what is essential in us as humans.

I believe deeply in the importance of communing with nature— so whether your call emanates from a need to exult in the sunlight, ditch your phone, laugh, celebrate, grieve, sing, be silent, skip, run, let go or grab ahold—on these adventures you’re invited to bring yourself and be yourself.

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