From Conflict to Co-creation in Vermont

Both internal and external conflict alike have 3 very simple roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer. We’re going to look at this pattern and what happens when those roles and the energy underlying them is elevated. Besides it being far more fun to participate in the Co-commitment and Co-creation triangles, they also help us practice embodying concepts like abundance, unconditional love, tolerance for diversity, empowerment and trust. This model aligns with organizational research on flow states and has implications for leaders in the workplace as well. In this workshop relationship is defined as the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that we have with any person, place, thing, idea, etc. We have relationships with ourselves and other people. But we also have relationships with substances, with ideas like work, religion and money, and with physical entities such as our own bodies. The dynamics described by this model underlie all conflict, codependence, substance abuse, self-sabotage, and a variety of other common “relational” issues. This workshop is based on the book “The Power of Humility.” The tools and understandings shared can lead to greater empowerment in all areas of life including our relationships with our selves, families, friends, work/career, etc.   We'll spend 2 days exploring this model while held by the beautiful fall colors and mountains of Vermont. We'll use some embodiment practices and walks on the land to break up the didactic learning and move understanding from the mind into the body.