Montana Backpacking 2017

Each year I have the pleasure of taking a small group of lovely human beings into one of the vast wildernesses we are blessed to call our public lands. Places protected from development, mining/extraction, etc. Places where wild animals live, where the milky way can be seen easing across the night sky, where we can hear sounds of water, wind, birds and other life, where we can feel our senses sharpening in the absence of the urban/suburban din. Out of cell service, unable to be reached, a different kind of peace pervades.

I love to backpack because we can access places that are inaccessible any other way. I find it humbling that in order to experience these places we have to slow ourselves to the pace that can be traveled on foot. I’ve noticed as a guide that when I and my clients grow accustomed to the pace that our own feet travel there emerges the wisdom of our original relationship between our bodies and the land. It’s a pace we know deep in our bones.

The pleasures of backpacking are simple and delicious- a laugh shared with other humans around the fire, a scintillating dip into water too cold to spend time in, a cup of hot tea/coffee at dawn while looking out over forest, stone and sky, sharing delicious meals with good people, drinking clean mountain water, and breathing fresh mountain air. On this trip we also have the pleasure of visiting 3-4 hot springs, a natural luxury. These are moments I live for… I invite you to experience it too.

On this trip you’ll have meals prepared for you, and you’ll receive an hour long massage from talented massage therapist and acupuncturist Ryan Lee, LAC. We’ll also be joined by Tim Schehl, our local guide, who living in Missoula, Montana, has scouted our route in advance to check on snow levels and trail condition. With people joining us from all over the country this trip will be filled with humans you’ll treasure knowing and spending time with.

We’ll meet on Saturday August 5th in Missoula, Montana and caravan out to a hotsprings near the trailhead where we’ll land, get to know each other better, and camp for the night. We begin hiking on Sunday morning and will be in the backcountry until Saturday evening or Sunday morning of the following weekend.

August 5th-13th, 2017.
This trip will be a real adventure. There are 12 spots for participants, and 3 staff. We’re going to have a lot of fun.

Gear requirements:

As a part of the service I provide I’ll be bringing the kitchen set-up, bathroom kits, and water filtration. In terms of personal gear you are responsible for a backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, headlamp, clothing, etc. I will provide everything else. A more complete list of equipment will go out when you’re registered.


Transportation (airfare, car rental, gas, etc) to the trailhead is NOT provided. You are responsible for getting yourself to the meeting spot, but once we have our final group I will help people organize carpools and rental cars.


$1400 for 9 days/8nights guides, food, massage, organization, and group gear.

Email to Register