NoDAPL Fundraiser Beading Workshop

NoDAPL Fundraiser Beading Workshop

On Saturday December 3rd from 1pm-5pm I'll be offering a workshop on how to bead handles onto feathers for prayer, ceremony, or smudging. The suggested donation is $100 and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Standing Rock Sioux to be used at their discretion for food, water, sleeping bags, heaters, first aid supplies, legal fees, and even porta-potties- which are running them $15,000 a week. Inner Path has generously donated the space, and I will donate all the supplies for the craft itself!

Vision :

Support the NoDAPL movement, come together, learn a beautiful skill, sing, pray, and deepen in community with each other. At the end of the day everyone leaves with a new skill that they can use to create prayer/smudge feathers on their own and as a community we get to send a large donation together to the Standing Rock Sioux. If you don't want to bead you can still come and be in community with us, and donate!

About the workshop:

The technique involves first attaching leather strips to the quill of the feather in a particular way. We bead right into that starting at the top and working down. Using the peyote stitch is slow so beading a couple inches on the bottom of a normal sized turkey feather can take up to ten hours. But 4 hours will be enough for you to get a significant start, or finish a smaller feather. The first hour will be creating the handle and getting the stitch started, the next three hours will be beading, singing, and being in community. You're invited to pray into the feathers with each bead if you like. I'll provide all the supplies- turkey feathers, leather, beads, and thread. If you have a feather that is special to you and you want to bead that feel free to bring it. You can also feel free to bring buckskin or leather of your own- but be advised that thin is good. Anything too thick will be difficult to mold around the quill. At the end of the day, or the following week, those who want to can send their finished feathers along with the group check. You are also invited to keep your first feather! Or give it to someone else! Or go home and bead another and send that! Whatever feels right to you. There's no obligation to send a feather. You are welcome to keep what you create. I've spoken with a representative from the Standing Rock Sioux about the fundraiser and the use of feathers and they are in full support and gratitude for both the financial donations as well as the spiritual offerings. The feathers that are sent will be displayed along with other offerings that are pouring in from around the world! Please RSVP so we make sure to have enough feathers for everyone! RSVP