November Vision Quest 2017

There comes a time for many of us when we need to leave family, friends and work behind; to go off alone and look within to discover ourselves, our purpose, and our wholeness. The Vision Quest is a ceremony that enables men, women and youth to engage more fully and consciously in the sacred journey of their lives. As a rite of passage the ceremony takes us through the completion of an old life, a threshold into the unknown, and a return to the world reborn. People in any life stage or transition will find meaning in this powerful process. This path has been followed in various different forms by humans in nearly every indigenous culture around the world for thousands of years. There is nothing more elemental and essential than encountering ourselves in direct relationship with the vastness of nature. While there is challenge, many find peace and all return changed, grown, strengthened, perhaps humbled in the most beautiful way, and surely having touched the deep ground within. More Information