Workshop Series at Rancho La Puerta

I'm excited to have been invited by Rancho La Puerta to come as a guest teacher and offer my workshops throughout the course of a week in April of 2018. You can only come to these workshops if you sign up for a week stay at RLP, which I highly recommend. I don't benefit financially from your attendance or choice to come to RLP during the week I'm there, but having been there myself I can say it is incredibly healing, relaxing, inspiring and nourishing. I would want it for anyone. With over 60 fitness classes a day, award winning delicious, fresh, organic food, cutting edge presenters, beautiful grounds, 50 miles of hiking trails, and more, Rancho La Puerta is truly one of the best health spas in the world.

Week of Apr 28 – May 4, 2018

From Conflict to Cocreation: An Evolutionary Path to Relationship with Everything. Both internal and external conflict alike have three very simple roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer. This presentation offers a model that explains how to evolve this relational pattern. The result is experiences of greater personal empowerment, joy, love and creativity. Besides it being far more fun to participate in the Co-commitment and Co-creation triangles, they also help us practice embodying concepts like abundance, unconditional love, tolerance for diversity, empowerment and trust. This model aligns with organizational research on flow states and has implications for leaders in the workplace as well.


The Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer: Conflict as an Outcome of Identity and Belief What beliefs underlie conflict? What habits of relating to ourselves and others create strife? Only by examining our beliefs, stories and habits can we become empowered to make new choices that lead to the experiences we long for. If these roles seem like a familiar trap to you come and explore how to begin to transform this pattern.

 The Empowered Chooser: Shifting from Blame to Responsibility This workshop goes deeper into the model discussed in the previous two workshops. Here we explore the difference between blame and responsibility, the bottleneck at forgiveness, and the courage to change. 

The Paradox of Co-creation: Responsibility and Surrender at the same time Description: Cocreation with life very literally means we are both fully participating with what is our responsibility and fully receiving that which is out of our control. With inner judgment in check and the willingness to listen, act, make mistakes, forgive, apologize, and love unconditionally we’re now set up to act with immense personal power in the world, and in our lives.