Jun 28

A La Sainte Terre June 2019

06.28.19-07.14.19 / 5pm / Sequoia King National Park

Join a small group of up to 12 participants for a deep and beautiful journey through the most amazing sections of  the Sierra Nevada, also known as the “Range of Light.” This trip is 16 days and only for those who are ready to set life aside for awhile and journey deeply into the heart of the world. Massages included, no backpacking experience necessary.


Nov 10

Fall Wilderness Quest 2018

11.10.18-11.18.18 / Death Valley National Park

This is a classic Wilderness Quest program in the tradition of Rites of Passage , which has offered this program for over 35 years. The first 3 days are Severance or preparation time for the solo.  The group will explore eco-spiritual tools that can be of great value in preparing, such as the Medicine Wheel teachings, exploration of Intent and development of a Confirmation Sentence, self-generated ceremonial practices, and teachings from the Death Lodge.


Apr 28

Workshop Series at Rancho La Puerta

04.28.18-05.04.18 / Rancho La Puerta

Both internal and external conflict alike have three very simple roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer. This presentation offers a model that explains how to evolve this relational pattern.


Nov 11

November Vision Quest 2017

11.11.17-11.20.16 / Death Valley National Park

The Vision Quest is a ceremony that enables men, women and youth to engage more fully and consciously in the sacred journey of their lives.


Oct 6

From Conflict to Co-creation in Vermont

10.06.17-10.08.17 / Huntington, Vermont

Both internal and external conflict alike have 3 very simple roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer. We’re going to look at this pattern and what happens when those roles and the energy underlying them is elevated.


Sep 17

Horses and the Medicine Wheel

09.17.17-09.27.17 / Leaves and Lizards Retreat, Costa Rica

Rites of Passage, Illumin and Eponicity are collaborating again to offer this unique and powerful experience that combines the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and the gentle, reflective nature of horses for a profound and embodied journey towards wholeness. No experience with horses necessary.


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