March 18, 2019

Past this time

Dashielle Vawter

During those long windows of sand moved by wind

and sometimes fire

Past this time, or maybe behind/inside of/ or underneath some other time

Other songs were sung/are sung/will be sung

different songs

nonhuman songs

The songs of incredible plants with wild colors and smells we can’t imagine

The songs of strange forests, maybe so small or only visible in a different spectrum, or perhaps so large they will dwarf our cities, or walk across continents, send spores like umbrellas in a gale across the galaxies being born and spinning outward…

There are songs of animals we will never know or witness, textures of skin we will never feel, patterns of love, and communication

That we will never understand

the songs of other worlds so different from ours are lived and sung,

begun and ended, layered through time- living universes of intelligence, beauty,

and grace

The earth loves all the songs, she says

…try to understand

The fullness of this heart…

it’s not personal, exactly…

None of these beauties are


and time, being what it is

a circle perhaps…

or a sphere maybe

or maybe universes coming in and out of existence like flowers in a field

time being what it is

the earth wants to hear all the songs

and we in this time are but one

Surely, no doubt your favorite though? we say, smiling, winking, leaning in, hoping to be inside the joke, needing to

believe this

so hard to imagine that we could be loved

but not loved best

that our song could end

and that that ending

You can call it destruction if you like, however it comes to be

could be a part

of everything

being right

and fine

in the middle of all this time and space

we have on our hands

She smiles- firm- sing me your song please

I want to hear what you see, how you live, what you feel, what everything that has culminated throughout all time and life sounds like in you,

Your life is a voice your silence is a voice the way you live is a voice your work is a voice your choices are a voice your walk is a rippling walk of voice

all time and creation and star dust and know something new in you and that is a voice, too

So Please, please please

sing me your never heard before never to be heard again song

the song of you in your time your body your heart your family your vision

Sing me your heart laughter hate grief ANGER joy! confusion hilarious song

Sing me your forgetting small-minded lost and found transcendent spirit dancing on a tight rope song and dance song

Sing me your lust filled aching body foolish don’t stop don’t stop saturated and wet with longing song

Sing me your faithful soul remembering tender quiet as a whisper and sometimes silent so silent song

just sing


and stop worrying about the whens and hows of your ending

About Dashielle Vawter

I’m a coach, lover, writer, singer, experimenter, dancer and adventurer. Here's to our beautiful lives together <3

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