December 10, 2018

Please Give Me My Note

Dashielle Vawter

A quiet stone fell through the hollow elevator shaft of my silence
it’s ripples echoed in an infinite ring that is still ringing today
and on into the past
my heart is no stranger to such sounds but my body shakes

when falling humbled broken I will awake 
singing amen to a fragment

an image
a thread memory feeling face texture softness greenness chill in the air bit of something
some piece
of nows temporal garb
its light fills my bowl
and my mind knows nothing
but the beauty of this-
Please give me my note Universe
Universe, please sing your note into me


Dashielle Vawter

About Dashielle Vawter

I’m a coach, lover, writer, singer, experimenter, dancer and adventurer. Here's to our beautiful lives together <3

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