I️ loved taking Dashielle’s Workshop. She's not only knowledgeable about the content but so grounded, sensitive and well equipped to answer any questions we have in a heart felt and genuine way. I’ve taken several workshops with wellness practitioners and really appreciate her patience and authenticity. She makes everyone feel valued, safe and included while diving deep into intimate work and looking at things that are often times not comfortable to look at. She is a person who lives by the principals she shares with others and I️ always get so much out of taking her her workshops.

With Dashielle, both one-on-one and in groups, I discovered patterns, doubts and stories that limited me. With patience and guidance she helped me awaken and now I find empowerment in the littlest choices. She helped me become more authentic which led me to my partner. By drawing on who I now know myself to be (much more empowered after our talks) and from the wisdom she shared, he and I have forged the most communicative relationship I’ve ever known. I want that for everyone I care about.

Dashielle has helped, and continues to help, me navigate some very challenging interpersonal and professional experiences. She is the first to celebrate a personal success or victory. I have found Dashielle to be insightful, respectful, an excellent listener, and a wise guide. I have already recommended her and her work to a number of my friends, and will continue to do so. Through my work with her, I have achieved a more grounded reality and a deeper connection with myself and others.

On expectations exceeded: There was a day when I was absolutely overcome with feelings of loss and grief. I can only hope that anyone who is going through something like that among relative strangers has the good fortune to be seen, held and comforted in the way Dashielle was able to for me. I hadn’t even come to her for help. It was on a backpacking trip she was guiding and she just responded, saw-held-comforted as though it was the most natural thing to do; not something she turns on and off.

Dashielle supported me in a recent emotional crisis. She patiently and compassionately held space for me to share my inner world. From this place of acceptance, Dashielle was able to help me reframe an old story that has kept me trapped. I now can see how my self care and self love seed my future happiness and well being.

Sweet, validating, curious, organized and comfortable. It was easy to get close to her quickly and feel like I had an ally who wanted to help me figure out how to get where I was going. My self-care tools have never looked so good. I wish everyone had a Dashielle in their life!

Dashielle is a great mentor. The concrete suggestions she’s provided me with have helped me live with more gratitude and awareness. With her wealth of knowledge, she always brings a fresh perspective on how to positively frame and effectively manage challenges in my life!

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