On the first trip I guided I recall a few people shedding tears of joy during our closing circle. They spoke of how deeply they were touched: we had created a family and they felt like they had come home. At that time I was shocked by the strength of their responses.

But trip after trip the pattern persisted, for 40+ trips. As early as our opening circle people were beginning to glow with happiness, shed tears of grief or joy and bubble with laughter. Light-bulbs were going off, clarity on big decisions was emerging and gratitude flowed for what had been forgotten or taken for granted. I now understand that the formula for human health, healing and happiness is indeed much simpler (and more profound) than I had originally thought. Nature + You + Community = Yay!

Take a Week

Scientifically speaking after a 30 minute walk we enjoy some of nature’s benefits. But with the exception of the daylong Medicine Walks most of the trips I offer are 8-10 days. Why? Because you can take yourself on a 30 minute walk in the park all by yourself! AND because something happens when we sleep outside and wake up in the wilderness, when we hit a rhythm on day 3 and drop in more deeply, when everything in us begins to tune to the whispering pervading joy of the life around us on day 6. The longer we spend, the more deeply the wilderness touches us, grows us and teaches us.

Life is Short

My favorite memories are the adventures I’ve had with friends, family and clients in the back country. We’ve seen places and shared moments that simply can’t be conveyed with words; experiences that melt everything, leaving only our aliveness. If you’ve been, then you know. If you haven’t, maybe it’s time.

These kinds of experiences in nature touch what people have difficulty accessing elsewhere. And now that study after study is also confirming the long list of nature’s positive impacts on mental, emotional and physical health the real question is; what are you doing to incorporate nature into your life?

So for the wildness of it, for my own soul that longs to commune deeply and share it with others, for the health benefits, for the soul benefits, for the adventure, to touch the core of life and more, I invite you to join me. No matter where you are in life, I invite you to take a deep breath of mountain air and come celebrate “your one wild and precious life.”

Join me for an exploration of wholeness and authenticity through the lens of the Medicine Wheel. In Costa Rica, June 8-14th, 2016.

Time to journey to the center of your own life and bring something back for yourself, your family, and the world. The November Vision Quest is in Death Valley. Peace, healing and your inner wildness await.

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Check the Wilderness section of the Illumin Magazine for photos from recent trips and to read the studies about the benefits of time spent connecting with the wild.