Officiating weddings is one of the sweetest experiences I have had the honor or participating in. My process involves an interview with the couple where we have an opportunity to talk about vision, relationship, love, and what you're creating in your lives together. From that I craft a ceremony that is unique to the couple. It is a real joy to be able to provide ceremonies that people feel truly and deeply connected to, ceremonies that couples feel reflect them perfectly. I believe we have a right to ceremony that is both beautiful and true to who we are. I trained to become a minister for 2 years with the Center for Sacred Studies and was ordained in 2010. My training was non-religious and focused on learning from the earth-based spiritual traditions. I am here to support each human on their own self-defined path towards wholeness and happiness. As an officiant I:
  • Interview the couple about their vision for the ceremony
  • Offer suggestions and guidance if desired
  • Interview the couple about what marriage means to them and why they are choosing it
  • Craft a ceremony that is unique and based on the couple's values, relationship, and definition of marriage
  • Email draft of ceremony and go through editing process until the ceremony feels just right
  • Attend and help facilitate the rehearsal
  • Officiate the ceremony
  • Sign and oversee the completion of the marriage certificate (obtaining other signatures and mailing it in)
Ceremony is a crucial part of how we as humans mark what is important to us, and it can actually be a profound act of cultural creation. For a long time ceremony has been associated with organized religion- but I believe it should no longer be relegated to this domain. We need ceremony. Weddings, rites of passage, even birthday and other forms of marking what matters to us. If you are interested in hiring me to support you in creating your wedding ceremony in a way that feels truly authentic to you please contact me. I would love to support you in this way. Testimonials: