I believe that all lasting change begins with making a deeper commitment to our own life and to the relationship we have with ourselves. Yet fear of change, acquiescence to social pressures and others’ expectations, and lack of motivation often impede our pursuit of our own deepest longings. Our inner relationship is often the most neglected. In order to truly live we must be willing to change, grow, try, fail, lose, succeed and fly. It can be scary to say yes to the unknown, but courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear—merely the willingness to act anyway.

Why I Coach

I believe that each of us can align our inner world with the world around us.

No matter the career challenges, skewed family dynamics, and losses we suffer, I believe each of us can create a healthy union of mind, body, and spirit, and build deep, intimate relationships that make life worth living.

I believe we can transform conflict and misalignment into collaboration, appreciation, progress, and love.

I believe that—when our lives are aligned—we can experience the peace of health, wellbeing, and sustained personal and financial success.

I believe this to be true for the individual as much as for any team, organization, or corporation.

I believe we can know who we are and create the life we want to live.

I believe each of us deserves nothing less.


What is Coaching?

As a coach I have many roles but at it’s core being a coach is about believing in people. A coach holds a person in their best and highest and supports them in creating the life they want to live.

Listener — To hear you deeply, and more than just your words. To hold sacred space for you without trying to fix or change anything.

Mirror — To reflect back what I hear with honesty and compassion so that you can more clearly hear yourself. 

Coach — To support you in creating new behaviors and opportunities.

Conduit—To pass on teachings that were passed to me without being attached to which ones speak to you and which ones don’t.

Model — To model unconditional love and compassion for the complexities of your growth path so that you can do the same. To see both your wholeness/innate perfection as well as the lived reality of challenge and growth.

Instigator — To help identify and guide you through exercises that will help you change and overcome old ingrained habits. To hold you accountable to your own dreams and desires. To push you in ways that are hard to push yourself.



This work requires your commitment. As David Simon said,

Commitment is one-pointed intention toward the fulfillment of your deepest desires. Commitment initiated at a deep level of awareness orchestrates its own fulfillment.”

It’s important to understand that coaching merely supports you in the fulfillment of your deepest desires, but it will be you who does the work within the context of your relationships, career, family, etc. Beyond the hour of time we’ll spend together a week an effective change process will require you to shift habits, thoughts, practices, etc, throughout the day. As new habits are developed the process will require less effort, but it is worth noting that the call is just one part of several actions taken to align your inner and outer worlds.

  • Most coaching begins with commitments that we create together based on your goals; minimum 2 month commitment.
  • Transition coaching: This is directed towards those who are looking for support through a rough transition or loss. Whether it is death or divorce, a big move or a job loss, these game-changers grab our attention in ways that can leave us feeling disempowered, lost and/or questioning our value. Yet these experiences can also be schools for growth. In particular I find break-ups/divorce can be an incredibly potent time to redefine life, redirect energy inward towards our own foundation, and reclaim power from places we’ve habitually given it away. Calling in extra support during this time can make the difference between becoming depressed, hardened, lost or bitter and taking advantage of the incredible potential for cultivating greater resiliency, self-knowledge, and abiding joy and peace. Minimum 4 session commitment.