In relationships we need to cultivate 2 sets of interrelated skills: self-care tools and relational tools. These skills are what we rely on when the going gets tough. The following is a list of some skills I train clients in:

  •      Communication
  •      Self-care
  •      Understanding your relationship dynamics, patterns and history
  •      Developing your vision for relationship
  •      Creating win-win solutions
  •      Setting up support structures and systems

Please contact me for more details or if you have specific questions about my offerings or what you need support with.


The first stage of relationship is the honeymoon phase where our brains are doused liberally with Dopamine, Seratonin, Norepinephrin and Oxytocin! The second is disillusionment- when the levels of these happy hormones taper down and we begin to see our partner as the flawed human they have always been. As conflict arises during this period we either learn how to manage it and thereby achieve true intimacy, or we let it destroy the relationship.

Conflict arises in all relationship. What differentiates a couple that emerges out of conflict stronger and a partnership that disintegrates is how that conflict is managed. Mediation is an option for being directly supported in sorting out the conflict that has arisen.


I work with couples and individuals who are seeking support through the end phase of their partnership. Breakups are hard. But they don’t have to spin us off into self-destructive spirals. Breakups also have a profound potential to help us:

  •      Claim our wholeness and accept ourselves
  •      Reveal and learn to trust our natural resiliance
  •      Learn new things and heal old wounds
  •      Explore roles and behavior; identify areas we’re proud of and those we’d like to grow in
  •      Experience powerful emotions like sadness and grief
  •      Clarify our life and partnership aspirations
  •      Practice unconditional love and compassion
  •      Practice integrity in how we navigate communication and the social situations that may arise
  •      Affirm our power by exploring the choices we have
  •      Take courageous leaps of faith in the direction of our dreams

At any stage I can help create a custom process that will support you in walking away feeling whole and strong. I know this sounds cheesy, but we actually can turn your breakup into a breakthrough.

Whether you choose to bring me on in a support role or not please take care to be extra gentle with your self-talk during this difficult time.