Getting together with a small group of people to learn and share on topics that we all care about is a powerful way to learn. As a trained facilitator, guide and coach I absolutely love diving in deep with groups. Each group is different, and unique information and wisdom emerges from the participants every time. Currently I focus on teaching the Power of Humility’s model of empowerment and evolving through relationship. In the past I have also taught workshops on wholeness, communication, story-telling, etc. Please get in contact if you’re interested in hosting one of these workshops in your home, office, yoga studio, backyard, etc!

From Conflict to Co-creation: An Evolutionary Path to Relationship with Everything

Both internal and external conflict alike have 3 very simple roles: victim, persecutor and rescuer. We’re going to look at this pattern and what happens when those roles and the energy underlying them is elevated. Besides it being far more fun to participate in the Co-commitment and Co-creation triangles, they also help us practice embodying concepts like abundance, unconditional love, tolerance for diversity, empowerment and trust. This model aligns with organizational research on flow states and has implications for leaders in the workplace as well.

In this workshop relationship is defined as the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that we have with any person, place, thing, idea, etc. We have relationships with ourselves and other people. But we also have relationships with substances, with ideas like work, religion and money, and with physical entities such as our own bodies. The dynamics described by this model underlie all conflict, codependence, substance abuse, self-sabotage, and a variety of other common “relational” issues.

This workshop is based on the book “The Power of Humility.” The tools and understandings shared can lead to greater empowerment in all areas of life including our relationships with our selves, families, friends, work/career, etc.


“I really enjoyed the workshop. I do a lot of work in the psychological domain. In particular the last 15 years of my life I have been studying and teaching motivational interviewing, compassion, empathy, and non-violent communication in the medical setting. What blew me away is that this approach you have shared with us combines all of those skills into 1 framework, explains how they all really work, and then offers to even transcend those skills sets into the 3rd triangle. I thought you set a good tone, addressed safety issues, monitored how we were doing, and get us all interacting and learning from each other. I thought the second day was pretty amazing how the improv games really captured the energy of the 3rd triangle.” Rich Pinckney

“I️ loved taking Dashielle’s Workshop. She is not only knowledgeable about the content but so grounded, sensitive and well equipped to answer any questions we have in a heart felt and genuine way. I’ve taken several workshops with wellness practitioners and really appreciate her patience  and authenticity. She makes everyone feel valued, safe and included while diving deep into intimate work and looking at things that are often times not comfortable to look at. She is a person who lives by the principals she shares with others and I️ always get so much out of taking her her workshops.” Cassie Fireman

“I’ve already shared this with multiple people and highly recommend it to everybody. As for the retreat- well as I shared, it was marvelously healing for me, felt like family, and then to get to wipe the glasses with family, well, what a treat. For me, that workshop was like a data download. I mean it. It felt like such a transference- as though you were going through the files of my brain and rewriting some of the scripts. It made so much sense to me and I see how I have been playing out these first triangle versions of reality. It was different than mush of the process I’ve been doing, which usually involves opening to a vulnerability, crying, connecting, some shame, etc. etc. Not to negate that, because that’s super important too, but this was like clearing the fog on the goggles. This tool is so clear and even contains and accounts for all the wonderful excuses we like to make up.” Caroline Filler

 “I loved the workshop! ….your peaceful, articulate, grounded way of presenting, the potent material covered, the trust built in our group, the food, the schedule, etc. I would definitely recommend your workshop to friends. Since the workshop, I am more aware in the moment when I desire to rescue.  I am surprised at how quickly I let it go and feel instant relief! That is the biggest take-away and I am so grateful. It has been especially helpful in my home setting. It feels so good to let my housemate be responsible for herself. And for me to focus my attention on my own life. Thanks, Dashielle, for this new language to play with and the inspiration to grow toward more choice in my life.” Sally Burrell