December 2, 2018

Eternity Robes

Dashielle Vawter

Over there the White Mountains are exploding with sunlight

After the cold and snow everything basks in it, it’s almost too bright… the land is preening, unself-conscious, chest out eyes closed soaking in light and heat hungrily

The land is wearing its million-year robes… its cloaks of time… somehow I feel as though I should kneel, or bow. It wears a changing eternity, an eternity of many slow rises and then many slow falls, many becomings and as many comings apart

The land shines with sharp dignity… in some way to my human eye it seems more fragile than it used to be, as the roads are cut and mountain sides are hewn and trees are leveled, but eternity absolves all this emotional detail… eternity is not a fragile process, and we are not so separate, our destruction not so unique, as the faces of other destructions. And not even our hearts so unique as to be the only hearts that’ve felt it, as we may esteem to think

Those White mountains over there- their forests look so sparse I feel I could count the trees… but it’s not true

I watch this glowing anonymous terrain in the distance, these unnamed ripples of earth known most by jack rabbits and deer, coyotes and mice

I imagine that over there there are forests like these I am in here; spacious and robust, mostly left alone except for the roving bands of firewood poachers who stay close to the roads

I imagine it’s warm over there (it’s not)

I imagine there is only but a slight breeze (or maybe none at all)

Here there is ice sliding off my tarp and I dare to find something as bright


Dashielle Vawter

This was written on the second day of a solo fast in the Inyo mountains, somewhere between Glass mountain and Granite Mountain. I did find something as bright.

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I’m a coach, lover, writer, singer, experimenter, dancer and adventurer. Here's to our beautiful lives together <3

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