November 25, 2016

Vision Quest 2016

Dashielle Vawter

Vision Quest 2016

Each November since 2012 I’ve had the honor of coguiding a Vision Quest with my mentor at Rites of Passage, Mike Bodkin. Here are some images from this year’s quest, as well as some kind words from some of the questers. To learn more about Rites of Passage or Vision Quests please check my events schedule or the Rites of Passage website.


As for me…. Sometimes it’s impossible to say the places you’ve been or the things you’ve seen.

Last week: wild horses… big horned sheep… snakes…. the sky lit aflame…. the stars taking no prisoners… laughter so wild…. and hearts broken, both open and somehow by the power of grief and praise put back together again… a sparkling tattered mystery flaps faithfully in the winds of time and continues to emerge in humblingly unimaginable ways.


vq2016-1 vq2016-2

“As I noted in my last post I spent some solo time exploring the east side of the Sierra Mountains and Death Valley. What I didn’t mention was that I also participated in a 9-day vision quest with an amazing group of people and two beautiful, wise, and in-their-heart guides, Mike Bodkin and Dashielle Vawter. The combination of solo and group time overlain with the wildness of the desert was profound, life affirming, and touched me deeply! If anyone is interested in deepening their relationship to themselves, others, and the wildness of nature, check out Rites of Passage at”        —Jacob Kannvq2016-3 vq2016-4

“Rites of Passage provided an incredibly powerful, loving, and responsible container for the Vision Quest experience. The guides led us into the wilderness, helped us to create community, gave us the tools of the Medicine Wheel and their good counsel and experience, and set us all free on the mountain! I can’t thank them enough. I will be forever changed. I could feel the years of experience and why this model is so successful for us Vision Questers. The soulfulness and grounded guidance was so important. They not only prepared us for the quest emotionally and spiritually and physically…they also helped prepare us to return. Thank you Mike B and Dashielle V!!!! For Dashielle—I am so thankful for her soulful guidance. To be heard by Dashielle Vawter is to be loved! She is a rare wild jewel. Miss laughing with her…and her beautiful voice! So grateful to have experienced her uniqueness and to have been touched by her artistry. Anyone would be lucky to be coached by her, wise well beyond her years….XO!”     —Jennifer Grais

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